Design Features

RDX Drag:

RDX Drag


The RDX Drag is built to fish. It is designed and tested through numerous iterations to guarantee the RDX will stop any fish you might want to hook into. The RDX uses a stack of Rulon® and stainless steel disks to provide a wide range of tippet protecting settings that can be spooled up to stop the rowdiest of trout. The use of these materials is not by chance, Rulon® is a material engineered to eliminate the phenomenon of stick-slip, often referred to as start up inertia. Rulon® is the modern age replacement to cork, providing maintenance-free drag that turns its cheek to the elements and still feels silky smooth. We also used stainless steel to create a system that will last a lifetime. The RDX system is completely sealed in two ways; first the system is isolated by multiple o-rings to prevent salt, silt, and sand from infiltrating. Secondly, the materials used are impervious to swelling or any degradation due to water. These two barriers ensure that no matter what, the RDX will provide smooth consistent drag forces. We have run the RDX drag under full load for hours, at speeds no fish can attain; assuring the RDX will outperform even the highest expectations.



All reels come from our factory pre-set for Left-Hand Retrieve.  They are easy to swap with a flat blade screwdriver - the directions above are included in the box.  We have a video graphic showing the swap here, as well: Retrieve Direction Change.

  • (They can be ordered from our factory with your preferred direction, making them ready to go - right out of the box!)